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“Thank You Scot for another wonderful experience & great music.” – APRIL 28, 2023 – Multi-Instrumentalist LENNY ROTHBART – LENNY’s 2nd GUEST ARTIST Episode on “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” Weekly Video Series – YouTube Link https://youtu.be/-yIWf3p8SE8

“You truly are fabulous! I appreciate everything more than I could possibly express!” –  APRIL 14, 2023 – Tara M.  in Bridgeport CT –  SCOT performs for family party / Birthday Celebration

“It was AWESOME!  Thank You!!”- March 18, 2023 – Hannah in Easton CT – SCOT performs a Singing Telegram for PARTY TALENT

CARE PACKAGE MAILING ADDRESS for MOTHER RACHEAL ORPHANAGE CENTER (Uganda) –  FEBRUARY 23, 2023 – “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” Weekly YouTube Series Episode – Flyer & Care Package Address in above EVENTS LINK FLYER SCROLLING SHOWCASE on this Website Homepage – YouTube Link https://youtu.be/YeZd2F4OS84

“Working with you and Chip in the recording studio (PPI RECORDING) has been great fun, Scot! Enjoyed doing the project for Valentine’s Day, and hope you and everyone who sees it has a good day” – FEB. 17, 2023 – ALEX FREDERICK (Jazz Pianist – Vocalist – Piano Teacher) – www.alexjazz.com – GUEST ARTIST on “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” Weekly YouTube Series  for Valentine’s Day Episode 2023  –  YouTube Link – https://youtu.be/OFU0EfMexFs

“To my Scot from the AdSter (Adalyn) – I cannot subscribe to your (YouTube) channel because I am only 6 but I want to Thank you for singing to me again this week (Dec. 22, 2022 “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” YouTube Episode).  It makes me so happy, I rewind it and watch it over and over.  Chip is funny too. Thank You for making me feel better.  Merry Christmas Scot.” – December 26, 2022 – Adalyn from Pennsylvania – YouTube comment section under DEC. 22, 2022 “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” YouTube Episode – SCOT dedicated 2nd week a song to Adalyn in back to back episodes. https://youtu.be/pE6aDIJtPFw

“Paul is great!  Thank You BOTH (Scot & Paul) for saving our Christmas!” – December 25, 2022 – Kevin M. – Bethel CT – SCOT performing on Christmas Day as Santa (short notice Santa Visit Booking for family in need of Santa Visit) for PARTY TALENT – THANK YOU KEVIN for photos!

“A few of my children are getting older, they were running around a bunch of times, they all really enjoyed having Santa surprise them, sing, and take pictures.  Scott did very well and was very helpful in the entire experience.   I am happy that we have these memories since a couple of them are getting older and I would like them to believe in the magic at all ages!  Thank You!” –  December 23, 2022 – Trisha – New Canaan CT – 5 Star Review out of 5 – SCOT performed as Santa Claus for PARTY TALENT – THANK YOU TRISHA for photos!

“Fabulous services! Party Talent LLC……..Scot’s Santa Claus was perfect for our Santa Brunch at our Club in Westchester.  He arrived on time and was professional with all the staff and guests.  We look forward to working with them again in the future!” – December 22, 2022 – Rebecca I . – 5 Star Review out of 5 – SCOT performing Santa Claus for a PARTY TALENT client at a private event

“You were GREAT! I will book you tomorrow for next year’s Santa (at our annual event)!” December 18, 2022 – Beth G. – West Hartford CT –  SCOT performed as Santa at a private event for RALPH ROOD EVENTS / PARTY TALENT

“Thanks Scot, you made the night!  Happy Holidays” – December 16, 2022 – Josh & Sara – Westport CT – SCOT performed as Santa at a private event for PARTY TALENT

“We wanted to thank you & Scot – Santa was a Hit!” – December 15, 2022 – Corporate Holiday Party – Greenwich CT – SCOT performed as Santa for PARTY TALENT

“So many thanks to the wonderful Scot Albertson who hosts and produces this YouTube series, and to Chip Fabrizi  and P.P.I. Recording Studios for all their hard work, and to going the extra length for this wonderful piece, that so kindly features The Smoky Caips.  Much gratitude indeed.” – December 14, 2022 – Alex Frederick www.alexjazz.com – Jazz Pianist & Vocalist – ALEX experience as a Guest Artist & Musician on “DEDICATION POST ISOLATION” Weekly YouTube Series – sponsored by PROJECT 142 – https://youtu.be/ofeEIfmSRPs

“You were awesome!! We want to book you for next year (2023) NOW!” – Jaimie & Staff – Sacred Heart University Alumni Christmas Party (Fairfield CT) – December 11, 2022 – SCOT performing as Santa for PARTY TALENT

“Scot, I am still on Cloud 9.  You are so gifted. Your ability to report the news about musicians and to make others feel connected is beautiful.  Your singing voice is glorious, too.”  December 6, 2022 – AYANA LOWE – www.ayanalowejazz.com – fellow Vocalist & Performer for DECEMBER 4, 2022 Symphony Space Concert in NYC (Scot producer / director for PROJECT 142 as well as Vocalist)

“We LOVED IT!  THANKS!” – November 12, 2022- Terryville CT – Lisa & Chris – SCOT performs at a Birthday party for PARTY TALENT

“I will refer you to all my family & friends!” – September 21, 2022 – Weston CT – Jacqui M. – SCOT performs at Birthday party for PARTY TALENT

“You get our highest recommendation!” – August 31, 2022 – Westport CT – Grandmother of Birthday Lad – SCOT performsed at a party

“He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!”  – August 13, 2022 – Westport CT – Vivian (Mother) – SCOT performed at a Birthday Party for PARTY TALENT

“It was AWESOME!  You were the hit of the party!” – June 12, 2022 – Greenwich CT – Jillian (Mother)) – SCOT performed at a Birthday Party for PARTY TALENT

“Scot was lovely and very attentive to all the kids at the party and made sure we had a great flow of activities.  He also has the most infectious laugh!”  May 21, 2022 – Westport CT – Laura B. – SCOT performed at Birthday Party for PARTY TALENT

“Thank You so much!  I will save you in my contact info. for the future.” – May 14, 2022 – Milford CT – SCOT performs at Birthday Party

“You were the hit of the party!!!” – Birthday Party – May 7, 2022 – Jessica R. – Stamford CT – SCOT performed at Birthday Party for PARTY TALENT

“Thank you! It was a great event!! – October 23, 2021 – Kristen – Darien CT – SCOT performed an outdoor event for PARTY TALENT

“WOW! Scot was incredible! His outfit was so beautiful and he looked great!” – October 17, 2021 – Ellen (GrandMother) – Stamford CT – SCOT performed at Birthday Party

“Shane had SUCH a phenomenal time.  The kids were all so excited.  You really blew it off the park!!!! – October 17, 2021 – Robin – Stamford CT – SCOT performed at a Birthday Party    .

“You have an incredible set of pipes!  Best birthday I have had in 40 years!”  May 6, 2021 – Tara Lynn M. – Scot performed a Singing Telegram for a private party in Bridgeport CT – for PARTY TALENT www.partytalent.com  – complete testimonial & video on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE

“THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!  This will be a great memory!”~April 17, 2021 – Paula S. – Scot performed for a private Birthday party for PARTY TALENT in Greenwich CT – complete testimonial on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE

“Amazing performance! Thank You!” – March 24, 2021 – Albert & Sandara – Scot performed a private Birthday party for PARTY TALENT in Westport CT – complete testimonial on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE  www.partytalent.com

“You made my bestie smile and that filled  my bucket so high I cannot thank you enough.” March 22, 2021 – Kerry S. – Scot performed for PARTY TALENT in Niantic CT – complete testimonial on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE  www.partytalent.com

“THANK YOU so much!  You were awesome!” March 20, 2021 –  Debi C. – Scot performed at private event for PARTY TALENT @ Casa Mia at Hawthorne (Berlin CT) – complete testimonial on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE

“We hired a singer to show up at my mother’s school with balloons for her 70th birthday. It could have not been more special.” March 2021 – Amy Leventhal – while Scot performed for PARTY TALENT COMPANY – complete testimonial on SCOT’s PRESS PAGE www.partytalent.com

“”We recently had Scot perform for multiple families as part of a promotion for our business.  I won’t mince words…..he was spectacular”  –  Laura Feist-Roche (owner of Happy Daze Costumes & Sidekick Promos – Norwalk, CT) – April 2020 – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Page.  www.happydazecostumes.com

“The Elektra Company would like to thank Project 142 & Scot Albertson for their kind generous support of our performance …… of ELEKTRA at the DiMenna Center.”  Feb. 2019 – Elektra Company / Abigail Dyer Concert – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Page.

“Hi Scot. Thanks so much for another great event. The audience responded with great enthusiasm & passion………It’s an honor to be a part of your series……” Sept. 2018 – Davide Zannoni – Composer – reference to Sept. 6th Alessandro Vena Project 142 Concert – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Page.

“To Scot Albertson and Project 142, wow, THANK YOU Scot for your dedication and diligence in every aspect of organizing and promoting our concert.” – July 2018 – Eleanor Dubinsky & Frank Ponzio Project 142 Concert in NYC – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Page

“It was pure joy!  Thank You both (Flip Peters) for a lovely musical interlude. Delightful meeting you & seriously, we must do it again.” – April 18, 2018 Private Concert Scot Albertson & Flip Peters – President of CT Women’s Club

“SCOT.  Many thanks for helping me out at Party Talent LLC while I was away.  I always knew that you were a great singer, and now I can count on you ….handle almost anything that comes my way”    –    February 2018     –     Paul Mordoff Owner of Party Talent LLC – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Link / Page

“Scot, you were awesome! What a guy!  Your heart, your organizational skill, your passion for Project 142 & the time & effort you put in the advancement of musicians is amazing!”        Sept.2017 – Nadja Cook mother of Jesse Cook reference to Jesse’s Debut NYC Project 142 Concert Aug. 26, 2017 –  Artistic Director:  Scot Albertson – complete testimonial on Press Link

“I can’t praise Scot and Dick enough for their high quality of integrity, artist support, audience building and taste.”  July 2017 – Steve Sandberg (pianist & composer) – June 27, 2017 Project 142 Concert (CD Release for Steve) – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Page / Link & on Bio Page / Link  of  Project 142 Concert Series – Artistic Director: Scot Albertson

“The Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church East Norwalk extends its heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the gift of your performance at “A Night of Music and Fun” at our church on June 3, 2017″.  June 22, 2017 – self produced / performed Fundraiser Concert for Christ Church – complete testimonial on Scot’s Press Link / Page

“Thank You so much.  I really appreciate your sending the photos, your sincerest words and of course your performance! I was really glad to have shared in the joy your music and storylines brought to the residents.  It was great to see so many engaged and your repertoire surely suited their era.  Look forward to your being at the K. again soon.  Have a beautiful summer.  Oh and thanks for the birthday honoring and delicious cake too!  How great of you!!”      June 18, 2017 Private Concert – Heidi V. (concert audience member)

“I’ve been honored to work with Scot for the past 4 years. He has a totally original style & a truly powerful voice. Scot is also a great supporter of his fellow vocalists & all artists. He truly is a dedicated musician.”
www.ronjacksonmusic.com – Jazz Guitarist – Composer – Educator – Nov. 2015

“Scot is a pure joy to work with. He has such generosity of spirit, compassion, conviction and wit. It all comes through his music!”
www.JohnBianculliMusic.com – Jazz Pianist & Composer – Aug. 2015

“Live Green Connecticut loves Scot Albertson! For the 5th straight year, Scot and Friends, Mayu Saeki and Ron Jackson, gave a stunning performance that was truly “Music to the Ears”. Like fine wine, Scot’s voice and musical performance was a magical blend of pure perfection!

“Scot drew attendees from each and every corner of Taylor Farm Park; the hills were alive with the sound of Scot’s music! Thank you Scot for sharing your time, talent and passion for music at the 5th Annual Live Green Connecticut Festival!”
Scot Weicker & Daphne Dixon, Live Green CT Co-Founders www.livegreenct.com – Sept. 2014